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Created 13-Feb-12
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If you get a chance go! Dramatic, poignant and for most of us it's a once on a lifetime experience and so well worth while. I've actually managed to get out there three times now with Kilda Cruises and Sea Trek and it's been just as special every time.
Stac Lee & BoreraySt Kilda - the villageSt Kilda - Village Bay-1St Kilda - towards DunSt Kilda - towards Village Bay and Dun-2Boreray & Stac LeeSt Kilda - towards Village Bay from the GapSt Kilda - towards Village Bay and DunSt Kilda - cleits and fieldsSt Kilda - cleits and fields-2St Kilda Name Stones - 1St Kilda - cleits and fields-3Village Street-1St Kilda - village-2Soay SheepSt Kilda - village-4St Kilda - village-3Mina StacStac Shoiagh & Stac BiorachSoay

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